CospRex studio・cafe・goods


We prepare rental costumes. This is a convenient studio where you can go empty-handed.

Besides having a stylish photography corner, the studio has a collaboration corner for a limited time.
From costume play clothes and collaboration clothes rental, you can fully enjoy the photography shoot from the full-scale appearance of Layer-Sama to beginners.

Studio Opening Hours
Final Reception at the studio is 21:00,
dining and shopping closes at 21:00.


Cafe カフェ

Since the cafe is built as an annex, you can even take a quick break.

And distribution of novelty goods as gifts!
An authentic cafe where you can enjoy coffee brewed with beans picked with care and content-related-drinks and sweets from the limited menu.
Wegive novelty goods that can only be obtained here to the guests who order from the limited menu.

Goods グッズ

You can have a look and feel of the products and buy the goods.We also have limited editions of collaboration goods!

Various contents goods are here! Those goods that have been on your mind on mail order and anime shops can be purchased in Sakae, Nagoya!
Please do not hesitate to drop in on your way home from the office to take a full look and shop.
And what’s more, since there are also CospRex original collaboration products coming in every month, you can’t miss it!


Studio Usage System
Complete membership reservation system
Membership Registration Fee(1,000 yen)
The representatives that make the studio reservation by telephone or the internet will need to register as a member.
However, membership qualifications are only for those who are 18 years and above.
You will receive a 1,000 yen discount ticket (effective for six months) which can be used for the studio usage on the next visit at the time of registration.
Furthermore, for those of you who register by 9/30, for the CospRex Opening Ceremony, we will hand the CospRex Original “Soniko Chanmery”!
* “Soniko Chanmery”, limited in numbers.
If we run out, we ask for your kind understanding and will replace it with “free drink ticket at the time of studio usage”
Studio Reservation Unit
1 set 1 hour 45 min. A fixed 1 hour 45 min. starting from 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00.
Customers with consecutive two sets or more can also use the time between every set.
Example) 2 set-usage from 13:00→the use for 13:00~16:45, an access time of 3 hours 45 minutes is possible.
Studio Rental Fee
On Saturdays, Sundays and after 17:00 on weekdays, the studio usage fee is 1 set 12,000 yen for maximum 6 people (recommended by 4).
Up to 17:00, the studio usage fee is 1 set 8,000 yen for maximum of 6 people (recommended by 4).

As for the rental time of the studio, it is the total time from the entering of the makeup room, changing into costumes, changing out of the costumes after the photo shoot, cleaning, etc. till departure.
Rental Costume Fee
1 costume 3,000 yen for limited time offer costumes
Limited Time Offer Costumes Super Soniko tiger parka, nurse, etc.
Basic Costumes Maid costume, blazer coat, etc.
* Shoes and a wig, one each can be rented for free per 1 costume rental, (costume carry-ins are possible).
●You can also bring in your own costumes and have a photo shoot. Carry-in costumes are of no charge.
Maximum Number for Usage
6 people recommended by 4
Studio Usage Qualification
- Visitors who are 16 years and younger will not be allowed to enter after 19:00.
- Visitors who are 18 years and younger will not be allowed to enter after 21:00.
- ID will be required and members will comply with the contents of the User Policy.
studio reservation
Click the date you wish to reserve.
We will take reservations on the telephone for customers whom wish to make reservations on that same day.
Weekdays until 17:00:
Weekdays after 17:00:
Weekends and holidays:

CospRex Studio Booth User Policy

  • When using the CospRex studio, the representative who booked the studio on agreeing with the User Contract, will give their signature, but all studio users must obey the policy contents.
    CospRex studio booths are limited to female Cosplayers and female photographers. Male customer usage is prohibited by principle.
  • At CospRex, the studio cannot be used for any other purpose other than photography.
    Photography contrary to public order and standards of decency is prohibited.
    Photography with a purpose to profit is prohibited.
    At CospRex, depending on customer age, there will be following restrictions on the time for studio usage.
  • Customers less than 16 years of age Usage prohibited after 19:00.
    Customers less than 18 years of age Usage prohibited after 21:00.
  • Please be sure to carry your membership card when coming to the store. In the case of not having the membership card when entering, there is possibility that you cannot use the membership original services.
  • The membership card can be used under the registered representative’s management and responsibility. If and when certain troubles occur, since the representative will be taking responsibility when problems occur, the membership card should be carefully kept. In addition, there are no restrictions in changing accompanying members to the studio.
  • When the membership card is lost or when there is change in contents to the registration, such as the registrant’s address, telephone number, etc., please contact the store immediately. Moreover, please understand that there will be a processing charge (1,000 yen) to reissue the membership card.
  • Bookings for the studio can be done only by telephone or through the website reservation form. As for bookings made on the Web, the booking registrations will be done through the “CospRex Studio Booking Registration Bulletin” e-mail.
  • In addition, since there can be no exceptions made with reasons of non-delivery of e-mail, etc., if there is no contact, please contact us by telephone.
  • Eating and drinking in the photography corner is prohibited. Please do not carry purchased drinks out of the makeup room.
  • Smoking is prohibited within the CospRex store, including the studios and makeup rooms.
  • Shoes are prohibited inside the studios. When carrying in sneakers, platform shoes, etc., they should be cleaned of dirt with wet tissues, etc., and can only be used after sticking fabric tape on the back side of the shoes.
    The use of footwear with possibility of damaging the floors, such as track shoes and stiletto high heels, is prohibited.
    Moreover, depending on each studio, there may be original rules, such as prohibition rules, etc. of wearing shoes inside the premises.
  • In case the studio and makeup room interiors are soiled or damaged, we will have to ask the representative for cleaning charges and expenses related to restoration.
  • We will notify the police, when we find that sets, stage properties and equipments of the studios or makeup rooms have been carried out of the stores for theft purposes.
  • Leaving the store premises wearing the costume is strictly prohibited.
  • When going to the restroom, etc., please inform store staff. We will ask you to wear a coat which will be given to you by the store.
    There may be changes to the studio machinery, equipment, and costumes for rent without prior announcement due to maintenance, etc. reasons.
    Moreover, please note that there will be no compensation for failure/change and inevitable situations (power failure due to disasters/accidents, etc.).
    Since there will also be no compensation for data disappearance of digital devices, we ask you to please take back up of data, etc.
  • Loss, theft, etc. on store premises will not be the responsibility of the store.
    We request you to manage your own bags and valuables.
  • The studio charges are paid in advance. Please present your membership card at the entrance and make payments.
  • Please come to the store 10 minutes before your booking time for studio usage (For those who are non-members, please come 20 minutes before since there will be membership registration procedures).
  • The studio usage time includes changing, clearing up, etc. time. We will notify you 20 minutes before the time limit expires. When exceeding the limit time, there will be additional charges (4,000 yen per 30 minutes). If there is another reservation booked after your booking, we request you to leave on time.
  • The usage time cannot be pushed back when you come late. When there is no contact for 30 minutes or more from the booking time, it will be treated as a cancellation.
  • Regarding the customers’ delay in arrival to the store due to inevitable situations (delay /stop of public transportation, disasters, etc.), compensation, change, cancellation and refund requests are entirely not accepted.
  • Regarding cancellations of studio bookings, please cancel either through the website inquiry form or by telephone 4 days prior to the booking date. Cancellations made 3 days prior to the booking date can only be accepted through the telephone.
  • Cancellation fee is generated from 3 days before the booking date.
    Cancellation fee is as follows.
     2-3 days before studio booking date 30% of the studio usage fee
     1 day before or by the booking time on that day 50% of the studio usage fee
     In the case of no contact for cancellation 100% of the studio usage fee
  • When it is decided that business is difficult to continue due to disasters or social situations of emergency, reservations may be cancelled.
    Please note that there will be no compensation for the above situations.
  • When actions contrary to the User Policies are performed and when staff instructions are not followed, studio usage will be terminated and the person will be forced to leave the premises. Fees in this case will not be refundable.
  • Personal information, such as addresses, telephone numbers, etc., will not be used other than for business purposes accompanying office work, such as reservations and cancellations, claims in case of non-payment, service notifications from the CospRex stores and other studio rental businesses.
  • Contents of the agreement may change without notice.